Apartments for Sale in New Alamein

Owning an apartment for sale in New Alamein City means enjoying several advantages that can’t be found anywhere else, thanks to the strategic location of the city close to many service facilities, as well as the luxurious residential units available within it whether apartments or others. Below, you’ll learn more about this wonderful city and the apartments available for sale within it.
New Alamein City Map

When looking at a map of Alamein City, we see that it occupies a strategic location on the border of Marsa Matrouh governorate, on the 48th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh Road. The city extends from Wadi Al Natroun Road to Al Dabaa.Another advantage of the site is its closeness to all the major cities: it is only 359 kilometers away from Cairo, and about 104 kilometers from the western side of Alexandria, or 116 kilometers from the Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

The services available to this city are so many, they’re considered a main reason for why people look for an apartment there. Just by staying within Alamein City, you’ll be making use of these services and more:
  • Healthcare services: including major hospitals, clinics in all specialties, pharmacies, and holistic medicine centers.
  • Educational services: includes international schools and well-known universities, such as Alamein University, which offers many majors, as well as the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport.
  • Cultural Services: There’s plenty of cinemas, theatres, and opera houses within the city, there’s also a large venue for culture and arts that covers about 190 acres, in addition to a large library that rivals the Library of Alexandria.
  • Residential services: the residential units within the city vary widely to suit all social classes, there’s public housing projects and thousands of residential units.
  • Entertainment services: there’s plenty of activities and entertainment services, such as the tourist walkway and sports centers (football, tennis, and volleyball)
  • Religious services: there’s a spacious mosque and a church within the city.
  • Infrastructure: there’s a drinking water plant, a sewage treatment plant, and public transport, including the high-speed train that connects New Alamein City to 6 October.